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Soft Tissue / Massage Therapy @ Enhance

At Enhance our Therapists are fully qualified in a variety of techniques. We offer Therapeutic, Remedial & Deep Tissue: This is a massage technique that targets specific muscles, using pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release stored tension. Some more relaxing techniques are often used amongst the firmer and targeted pressure to leave you feeling better and to provide some tension release to the surrounding muscles without inducing bruising.

The following provides an overview of some of the key techniques utilised at Enhance;


Targeting specific areas for a planned outcome. Clients will usually present with a problematic area ie headaches, muscle cramping etic and the therapist will apply specific soft tissue techniques to reduce and ultimately alieve presenting problem.


Myofascial Release (MFR):

This can be booked as an entire treatment or as one of the many techniques used with others to assist a change in physical wellbeing. Myofascial tissue is what wraps around all muscle as a skin holding it in place. Fascia can become rigid and restricted creating a pulling effect on other soft and bony tissues. MFR seeks to return the fascia to a soft fluid filled state to allow muscle movement without restriction.


Lymphatic Drainage:

A very gentle type of massage aiming to encourage the even flow, distribution and elimination of lymph that is carrying waste products. Recognised as a primary tool in the management of lymphedema it is used for trauma induced swelling, post-surgery where lymph nodes are removed and post-surgical swelling. It has been shown to improve immunity and boot energy levels.


Sports Massage:

From the top performing elite to the new to exercise, a sports massage can provide great benefits. Allowing a greater range of movement, improved movement patterns, reducing recovery times and impact of repetitive and often aggressive movements. This can be a regular treatment as maintenance for a healthy active body, a niggling injury or for a specific training period for a major event.


Pregnancy Massage:

A healthy prenatal choice for complementary care. Often used to reduce stress, fluid retention and pain through back, hips, legs and feet. Our thearpists will work with clients in a seated forward leaning position on a pregnancy chair or side lying on a massage table. Other positions can be found to suit client’s comfort level and cautions of pregnancy.

Women with high risk pregnancies can also benefit greatly from massage throughout this time but are recommended to consult their primary prenatal carer (GP, midwife, or obstetrician) prior to commencing treatment.


Deep Tissue Massage:

Concentrating on the deeper layers of soft tissue usually with a firmer pressure to release more chronic muscle tension.

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