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Running Analysis

Enhance utilise Optogait to undertake analysis of running technique to identify key improvement opportunities.

For more detail, see the Optogait website or talk to a member of our team

ENHANCE Running Workshops

Are you sick of injuries interrupting your running training?


ENHANCE Running technique workshops are designed to help identify and correct errors in your running technique that can put extra stress on areas such as knees, backs and shins. Every step with poor technique takes you closer to your next injury. Let the ENHANCE Running technicians help you to keep running.


Does running seem like a lot of hard work for you whilst others appear to almost float along when they run?


Most runners ‘leak’ energy when they run. A combination of work postures, unhelpful footwear, misconceptions about running and previous injuries can see us using a lot more energy for each step whilst we run than we should. Your local ENHANCE Running technician can help you to identify and fix those energy leaks, making running easier and more fun. Find out how to relax when you run and learn to run with ease and enjoy getting fit even more.


Does it hurt when you run?


Through poor technique, many people put their bodies under a lot more load than it should be when they run. This leads to sore backs, shins, knees or even shoulders and necks. Poor technique means that you work harder, go slower and feel worse when you run than you should. ENHANCE Running technicians are specially trained to take you through our simple 7 step process to running better

Follow this link to learn more about Enhance Running Workshops and future workshop details

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