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Concussion Assessment and Management


Enhance Healthcare is a proud clinic of the Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) Partnership Program - a network of clinics around the world offering evidence-based concussion care. From initial pre-season baseline testing to concussion treatment and rehabilitation, we collaborate with primary care physicians to co-manage concussions, helping patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.

A concussion is unique to each person and symptoms can be produced from various different pathophysiological or structural processes. It is for this reason a thorough assessment in needed when presenting with a concussion. In conjunction with CCMI, we offer complete concussion assessment and treatment services including; 

  • Multi-modal physical and cognitive baseline and post-injury protocols 

  • Exertional testing for return-to-sport readiness and sub-symptom threshold exercise programs for persistent symptoms when required

  • Vestibular, oculomotor, and cervical spine rehabilitation

  • Balance, reaction time, visual processing, and neurocognitive testing (pre-season baseline and/or post-injury/return to sport testing)

  • Educational resources

  • And more


We also offer individual or team based Pre-season baseline Testing

Multimodal pre-season testing is a series of physical and cognitive tests that provides a pre-injury
overview of healthy brain function. These tests can offer healthcare practitioners with an objective
benchmark on which to compare should an athlete sustain a concussion. It’s important to
remember that not all baseline testing is created equal.


CCMI has selected the best evidence-based tools available to provide you with comprehensive, multimodal, proven baseline-testing. As concussion symptoms often disappear days to weeks before the brain has recovered, having
valuable baseline information may help practitioners to make safer return to play decisions.


Contact us to learn more about baseline testing or to book a time to start your concussion recovery.

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