Exercise Physiology @ ENHANCE

At Enhance, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) specialise in managing your health and wellbeing through tailored exercise prescription.


We offer tailored programs for a wide range of people from those looking to improve their general fitness through to those with medical conditions.

As an Exercise physiologist at Enhance, we are knowledgeable about the effects of exercise on all the body's systems including the musculoskeletal (muscles and joints), the cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), pulmonary (lungs) and endocrine (glands and hormones) systems.  We can also advise on behavioural modification programs and can treat a wide range of medical conditions as well as their risk factors such as:


•             Musculoskeletal and Neurological rehabilitation

•             Injury rehabilitation

•             Post-operative rehabilitation

•             Diabetes management

•             Chronic Disease Management – including cardiovascular and respiratory conditions

•             Function, balance and mobility training

•             Lifestyle and behaviour change support



Rebates can be available for exercise physiology services from the following organisations:


Medicare, Private Health funds, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and WorkCover.